Colour and Design Considerations For Outdoor Cushions

B8Choosing your outdoor cushions is a good chance to choose how your outdoor space will look. Carefully assessing what you want, though, is best towards achieving the theme that you are going for.

Colour and design make part and parcel of that process. We at Protect Your Banana understand their importance, which is why we want to help you make sure you get them right. Consider this guide.


Striped covers fit a diverse set of aesthetic goals, from minimalist to bold. The variety of colours that can be incorporated in it also makes for interesting selections. Dark-hued colour blocks, for instance, are great for patio chairs that are designed with otherwise simple back rests. This way, the pillows will truly pop out. On the other hand, black and white stripes can be paired with more dainty furniture to balance it out. Or you can plop them on a chaise lounge that is designed to be minimalist.

Striped covers for outdoor cushions do not just look good, they are also good at hiding dirt. So if your outdoor space is exposed to the elements, striped pillows may work for you.


Patterned pillows are also popular. And they bring more flexibility where design is concerned. Floral numbers, for instance, are suited to patios or backyards that have a lot of grass and foliage. Geometric patterns, on the other hand, make a nice contrast to handcrafted furniture such as wicker chairs. Then there are patterns that call exotic locales to mind, to further spruce up your outdoor space.

More patterned covers for outdoor cushions are best suited, though, to darker-coloured furniture. If you have chairs and benches that are mostly in white, sticking to stripes is more pleasing to the eye. But if you want to make it more dramatic, just mix and match pieces well.

Other Tips

When you already have an idea of what kind of cushion design you want, the next thing to do is to shop for exactly that. Today, that does not have to mean venturing outside of your house. At Protect Your Banana, we have a diverse catalog for your outdoor spaces.

When you buy outdoor cushions online from us, you are assured of:

● Personalised guidance. We know that every outdoor space is different, and this is why we offer custom service for each of our clients. If you need our advice, you can come to us for personalised guidance that factors in your goals, your needs, and your conditions.
● Quality products. All the planning that goes into a decision to buy outdoor cushions online will go out the window if the products you end up buying are not up to par. This is why we handpick each of our offered covers for outdoor cushions to make sure that it will truly be an investment worth keeping.
● A good customer experience. Lastly, we hope to see you return. As such, we provide outstanding customer service geared at your complete satisfaction. You can trust your experience with us to be a pleasant one, because we aim for nothing less.