Fabric Considerations For Choosing Outdoor Pillow Cushions

B5Spending time with friends and family without leaving home is a gift, and the right outdoor cushions can unwrap the perfect present. There are many types that you can choose from for your own backyard. In Australia, especially, you will find a wide range of selections to match your style aesthetic.

When it comes to style, though, there is one main factor to think about: fabric type. In this blog post, we will tell you about each so that you can shop for the one that fits your home best.

Types of Fabric for Outdoor Cushions

The best thing about choosing your fabric for your outdoor cushion covers or outdoor pillow covers is that you do not just get to choose the material that will complement your home well. You also get to have a say in the resulting functionality of your outdoor accessories. These are the most common types of fabric available for your patio furniture.

Cotton canvas. Historically made from hemp, modern canvas is traditionally made from cotton or linen. Cotton canvas, when treated, can be water-resistant, which makes the material ideal as outdoor accessories. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade it over time.

Acrylic linen. Acrylic linen fabric is considered to be a good substitute for wool, as it is as soft but not as heavy. It also retains colours well, and is not as prone to stains and wrinkles as other types of material. And it is water-resistant. Unlike cotton canvas, it offers UV protection.

Dacron. Extremely durable, this polyester fibre offers the same advantages as acrylic linen, but better. It does not stain and wrinkle easily, and when blended with wool, it can be made resistant to static electricity. As such, it can withstand high temperatures. In fact, it is UV-resistant, too.

PVC. Also called vinyl, PVC fabric is stretchy and silky. By dint of its manufacture, the material is resistant to both heat and water. But it should not be exposed to sources of extremely high temperatures such as flames, dryers, and cigarette smoke as it may warp.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

When choosing the fabric for your outdoor pillow covers or outdoor cushion covers, your search should not end with choosing the fabric. The elements specific to your outdoor space should be factored into your shopping process, too.

For instance, if you routinely hold barbecues in your patio, it is best to choose a fabric that will not melt under close proximity to smoke. Acrylic linen and cotton canvas are best for that requirement. If you get a lot of wet days, you should choose a material that will stand up to the rain, like Dracon, linen, and PVC.

At Protect Your Banana, we will guide you throughout every part of your shopping process. You can ask us for personal recommendations for your specific needs, and we will share with you the best options to meet them. Give us a call today to view our product selection, and let’s work on getting that outdoor space all beautifully set up!





Dacron: The Durable Fabric