Outdoor Cushion Fabric and Functionality

B7The right outdoor cushion fabrics can set the tone for your outdoor space, and they will also dictate how long and how much you can enjoy your pillows. Making the right fabric decision is, thus, recommended for reaping the most benefits, and achieving complete satisfaction.

Now, there are several types of fabric for outdoor furniture cushion covers, and each of them plays a direct role in the following things:

Fading. All fabrics fade, especially when they sit under the sun for too long. But some types of fabrics weather over time from use, too. Basically, though, some fade fast, while others go by it less slowly. Fabrics that are made from spun polyester, for instance, are estimated to only last 300 to 800 hours before they age. Those made from acrylic and have been dyed in a solution can go up to 2000 hours.

Cost. How much you will be charged for your outdoor furniture cushion covers hinges on the type of fabric that you pick out, too. Stripes and solids fetch lower than, say, patterned ones. Polyester is less expensive than acrylic, more often than not.

Exposure to the elements. Things like moisture and dust take a toll on fabrics, too. For acrylic linen, water is not so much a problem; but for a cotton canvas, it is. Similarly, dust can easily wash off some types of fabric, but can stick to and build up in others.

So, what’s a homeowner to do?

● Educate yourself. There are so many options today, and the wrong one will be a waste of time and money. Before making a purchase, it is best to find out as much as you can about the selections in the market. You don’t have to be an expert, but it is always ideal to have a working idea of what you are looking for.
● Ask for tips. Another essential thing to do is to ask for recommendations from those who understand the industry. Usually, this means asking for tips from your seller. Where you buy outdoor cushions online or off the Internet should be able to guide you towards picking out the most viable products for your specific needs, as well as the conditions of your outdoor space.
● Buy from a reputable source. Finally, invest in products that are sold by a reputable source. This will not only give you a pleasant customer experience, it will also make sure you can trust in the quality of the products that you buy. If you must have any concerns or questions, too, a good company will be able to address them properly.

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